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Updated on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of great activity at LRTTC last Saturday, March 16, 2013, including Sherwood league matches, two new players/visitors from a local high school, and all together about 13-14 people playing on 6 tables. We look forward to continued excitement and participation!

Photos of the tournament held on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at LRTTC have also been added.

In other news, the club recently experienced issues with equipment storage, damage to one of the tables, relocation of barriers in storage, and secure storage for smaller equipment items.

Equipment storage

Recently the tables and some of the barriers were stored in the north storage closet in such a way that increased exposure of the equipment to damage. The more care that is taken in storing equipment, the more the equipment will be protected from potential damage and the longer it will last in the future. The club's equipment is for members' use and enjoyment, and it is expected that all of the equipment will be treated with the utmost care. Please view the photos below for improper and proper storage. Everyone will benefit!

Damage to one of the Giant Dragon tables

One of the Giant Dragon tables that was recently damaged is not too bad. The small supplemental brace that exists on the underside of one of the sides became unattached. The screws connecting the brace to the underside of the table were ripped out along with a small chunk of the table. Fortunately the damage is confined to the underside of the table and does not appear to affect the playing surface. We have removed the brace from that side. If anyone needs help on how to take down a table, please ask one of the regular members for help. Better to be safe than sorry.

ICLR-reserved equipment

There is one table that is the property of ICLR and reserved exclusively for ICLR use. It is the newest of the Stiga tables. It has a blue playing surface, black legs, and white trim. LRTTC has made available one of the Giant Dragon nets and some balls to be used with this table. For now, the net and balls for ICLR should remain on the shelving unit on the west end of the north wall. The table, nets and balls will be labeled for ICLR use.

New storage location for barriers

Barriers will no longer be stored in the closet behind the single door on the south wall. All barriers will now be stored in the middle storage closet on the north wall that is used to store the tables. This move consolidates all of LRTTC's equipment in the same storage location: the middle storage closet on the north wall. In order to accommodate 11 tables, 30 barriers and a mobile storage locker, everyone should strive to consistently store the equipment the same way after every practice. This will maximize storage space and protect the equipment.

New mobile storage locker with wheels

The club recently purchased a small, mobile storage locker with recessed wheels and a combination word lock. Members will have access to the combination lock. The locker is used to better secure the club's nets, balls, clipboards, score sheets, score boards, pens, tools, etc. The same level of heightened cared should also be taken when accessing equipment in the locker. The locker can easily be wheeled to and from the playing area for set up and take down. When play is finished, please take care to store the smaller items in the locker, use the combination lock to secure the equipment, scramble the letters on the lock, and store the locker in the middle storage closet on the north wall.


hang on...they are on the way.

Photos of PROPERLY stored equipment:

Photos of IMPROPERLY stored equipment:

Photos of new mobile storage locker

Photos of recent activity at the club: