Tuesday the club welcomed to new players, Andy and Prithvi.  Other club members who showed up were Mike, Viful, Kedar, Parimal, and Manju.  We have fixed all but one of the nets, and that one should be fixed by next week.  We've also started the process to fix Kedar's table that he donated to the club some time ago.  That should be fixed next week as well, and initial assessment showed that the table was level and in good condition.

Mike Lauro is the LRTTC's new ITTF-PTT Level 1 certified coach and USATT certified coach.  Both the ITTF-PTT coaches registry and the USATT list of coaches have Mike's name listed.  The "PTT" part of the ITTF-PTT certification stands for Para Table Tennis and means that Mike is certified to teach para table tennis players who have unique physical challenges.  Mike has also applied for the ITTF-PTT Level 2 coaching certification course to be conducted this year in early September at the Austin Table Tennis Club.  Teaching ITTF Level 2 regional course will be Richard McAfee, a USATT Hall of Fame inductee and one of the most experienced ITTF trainers.

Next week at the club we will try out an old robot and get some reactions from players.