Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Saturday we set up 4 tables to accommodate several AITTA/Sherwood league matches.  After the results are processed we will update this website with the current standings which we have not done before.

The AITTA 2-person team league has been going on for many years now.  The league season starts in October (after the Arkansas Closed) and runs through April/May, with matches being played primarily in Sherwood.  This season, some of the league matches are being played at the LRTTC facility which serves as the home field for the LRTTC teams who play in the AITTA league. 

The AITTA league is different from the LRTTC 2-person team league that was started late last year but cancelled earlier this year.

This Sunday, April 14, the AITTA 3-person team tournament concludes with the finals starting at 10:45 a.m.  League teams will also compete in regular season league matches throughout the day.

Last Saturday, April 6, the club welcomed a couple of new players who played for the first time.  In addition, this Saturday we met three new players.  One player and his father came.  The son has a child who attends the Huda Academy next door, and his father coached table tennis in Syria about 50 years ago.  The third new player heard about the club from word of mouth and has played previously.

It is encouraging to see many new faces over the last couple of months.  Hopefully more people will become involved with the club and join as subscribers.

Sorry we do not have any photos to post yet.  There were some pictures taken but we are trying to locate the picture-taker.  Once we do, we'll post the photos here.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013: Consistent Third Ball Attack

Kedar and Mike had a one-on-one training session using the drills described in the video "Consistent Third Ball Attack" in the premium training plan developed by the talented guys down under at  This video is the first in an 8-part plan covering tournament preparation.

Practice included:

On Table Warmup Drill:  5 minutes of forehand and 5 minutes of backhand

Training Drill #1:  Forehand consistency.  Player 1 makes one forehand topspin and then a backhand topspin, both to Player 2's backhand.  Player 2 blocks both topspins and then may block anywhere while Player 1 maintains consistent topspin.  The goal for Player 1 is to maintain consistent topspins and for Player 2 to block.  Players switch.

Match Drill #1:  Player 1 serves short backspin.  Player 2 pushes the ball long to Player 1's forehand. Player 1 makes a forehand topspin crosscourt.  The focus is on getting the first topspin on the table.  Players switch.

Match Drill #2:  Similar to Match Drill #1 but with backhand.  Player 1 serves short backspin. Player 2 pushes the ball long to Player 1's backhand.  Player 1 makes a backhand topspin crosscourt.  After Player 1's backhand topspin, both players play the point freely.

Match Drill #3:  Similar to Match Drills #1 and #2, but Player 2 returns the ball long anywhere.  Player 1 must make a forehand or backhand topspin on the table.  In addition, Player 1 focuses on hitting the ball at Player 2's middle/elbow/crossover point (not the middle of the table).  After first topspin, both player pay the point freely.

Note: the above serves should be ones that you would use in a match.

Following the Match Drills above, the PingSkills video goes into special practice games for 10 minutes and concludes with 10 minutes of service practice.  These videos are only available to premium members.

However, there are good videos available to the public:

  • Strokes & Technique
  • Equipment Lessons
  • Serving Secrets
  • Receiving Secrets
  • Training Secrets
  • Match Commentary




Recent activity, new players, equipment update

Lots of great activity at LRTTC last Saturday, March 16, 2013, including Sherwood league matches, two new players/visitors from a local high school, and all together about 13-14 people playing on 6 tables. During the last few weeks, other new players have also joined the club.  We look forward to continued excitement and participation!
In other news, the club recently experienced issues with equipment storage, damage to one of the tables, relocation of barriers in storage, and secure storage for smaller equipment items.
The club has also published a new LRTTC fee structure, which will take effect beginning in April 2013.
Click the "Read More" link below for more details and to access PHOTOS of: Saturday's and recent activity, best practices for equipment storage, and the club's new mobile storage locker.

Read more: Recent activity, new players, equipment update