Arkansas Open is Today, Sept 21, 2013. LRTTC is closed.

Today the Arkansas Open takes place at UALR.  LRTTC will be closed.

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Monthly LRTTC Tournaments

LRTTC hosts regular monthly tournaments on the Second Saturday of each month.

Entry fees are usually $5 for subscribers and $10 for non-subscribers.

The format varies each month, but the tournaments typically consist of a round robin stage followed by a single elimination stage.

Prize money:  LRTTC keeps 60-70% of the entry fees.  The remaining 30-40% is given to several top finishers, usually 1st - 3rd places.  Equipment or accessories may be offered as prizes on occasion.


Saturday, April 27, 2013 - High School Tournament

It was LRTTC's honor today, April 27, 2013, to host a junior tournament for two local high schools:  Little Rock Central High School versus Pulaski Academy.

Here is a summary of the tournament contributed by one of the high school student organizers:

"The two high school teams had groups playing best of three matches to eleven points. Three players of each team were divided into "Group 1" and "Group 2". The winner of both groups determined the winning school. Pulaski Academy won the "Group 1" match-up and it was down to "Group 2" to decide whether Pulaski Academy won or a tie-break was needed. In the final matches of the tournament,  Avinash Arulmurugu, Abrar Matin and Moiz Mandani (Central High) played Dev Nair (Pulaski Academy) to determine the fate of the tournament. Dev won two of his three matches. After the arduous competition, Pulaski Academy emerged victorious with 10 overall match wins to Central High's 8."

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