LRTTC Monthly Tournament Wall of Fame

LRTTC hosts regular monthly tournaments on the Second Saturday of each month.

Entry fees are usually $5 for subscribers and $10 for non-subscribers.

The format varies each month, but the tournaments typically consist of a round robin stage followed by a single elimination stage.

Prizes vary and may include trophies, certificates, cash, or equipment.

LRTTC Monthly Tournament - Wall of Fame

2017 - January 14

  • Group A: Mike Lauro
  • Group B: Charlie Brooks
  • Group C: Mohan Reddy

2015 - September 19 - First Tournament at Jim Dailey Fitness & Aquatic Center

Open Singles

  • 1st Place - Mike Lauro
  • 2nd Place - Kedar Jambhekar
  • 3rd Place - Charlie Brooks

A Singles

  • 1st Place - John Falco
  • 2nd Place - Mugimane Manju
  • 3rd Place - Ben Phillips

B Singles

  • 1st Place - Pramod Nelluri
  • 2nd Place - Mark Taylor
  • 3rd Place - Sam Ketcheside

Novice Singles

  • 1st Place - Sam Ketcheside
  • 2nd Place - Mickey Johnson

Open Doubles

  • 1st Place - John Falco / Shelby Barone
  • 2nd Place - Mike Lauro / Mark Taylor

2015 - June 13 - Singles Giant Round Robin

  • 1st:  Mike Lauro
  • 2nd: Scott Barone
  • 3rd:  Kedar Jambhekar
  • 4th:  Louis Vance
  • 5th:  Charlie Brooks
  • 6th:  Mohan Reddy
  • 7th:  Shelby Barone

2015 - May 9 - LRTTC Spring Closed Round Robin

  • Division A, Jeff Pratt took 4th place, Kedar Jambhekar 3rd place, Don Jackson 2nd place, and Mike Lauro 1st place.
  • Division B, Mark Taylor's emotional exhaustion led to his default to Charlie Brooks for 3rd place. Jim Miller took 1st place by defeating Mohan Ready in the final.

2015 - April 11 - Singles Giant Round Robin

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Finalist:  Scott Barone
  • 3rd Place: Kedar Jambhekar

2015 - March 21 - Handicap 31-point game

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Finalist:  Kedar Jambhekar
  • Semi-Finalists:  Mohan Reddy and Mark Taylor

2015 - February 14 - Valentine's Day Extravaganza Team Event

  • Champion:  Siva Soora and Suresh Kannan
  • 2nd Place:  Kedar Jambhekar and Mohan Reddy
  • 3rd Place:  Mike Lauro and Mark Taylor

2015 - January 10

Group A Round Robin

  • Champion:  Scott Barone
  • 2nd Place:  Mike Lauro
  • 3rd Place:  Parimal Nilangekar

Group B Round Robin

  • Champion:  Shelby Barone
  • 2nd Place:  Jim Miller
  • 3rd Place:  Jeff Pratt

Group C Round Robin

  • Champion:  Mugimane Manju
  • 2nd Place:  Megha Nelluri
  • 3rd Place:  Pratyut Anand

2014 - December 13

  • Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Finalist:  Scott Barone
  • Semi-Finalists:  Charlie Brooks and Parimal Nilangekar

2014 - November 8

  • Overall Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Second Place:  Tanner Cook

2014 - October tournament cancelled

2014 - September  20

See page for 2014 Annual Friends of India Tournament for results.

2014 - August 13

  • Group 1 Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Group 1 Finalist:  William Hall
  • Group 2 Champion:  Jeff Pratt
  • Group 2 Finalist:  Mohan Reddy

2014 - July 13 - Doubles Format in Sherwood

  • Gold:  Don Jackson / John Falco 
  • Silver:  Tom Fox / Jeff Pratt
  • Bronze:  Mike Lauro / Mark Taylor

2014 - June 14

  • Overall Champion:  Scott Barone
  • Runner Up:  Don Jackson

2014 - May 10

  • Overall Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Runner Up:  Kedar Jambhekar
  • B Group Winner: Charlie Brooks
  • B Group Runner Up: Mohan Reddy

2014 - April 12 - 1st LRTTC Spring 2014 Giant Round Robin Tournament

2014 - March tournament cancelled

2014 - February 8

  • Overall Champion:  Scott Barone
  • Runner Up:  Mike Lauro
  • 3rd Place:  William Hall

2014 - January 11

  • Overall Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Runner Up:  Scott Barone
  • 3rd Place:  Jeff Pratt

2013 - December tournament cancelled

2013 - November 16 (moved to third Saturday)

  • Overall Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Runner Up:  Scott Barone

2013 - October 12

  • Overall Champion:  Mike Lauro
  • Runner Up:  Scott Barone
  • 3rd Place:  John Falco
  • 4th Place:  Kedar Jambhekar

2013 - September 7, Annual Friends of India Tournament

2013 - August - No Tournament

2013 - July 13

  • Overall Champion:  Jason Liem
  • Runner Up:  Scott Barone 
  • 3rd Place:  Ben Phillips

2013 - June 8 - Inaugural LRTTC Monthly Tournament

  • Overall Champion: Parimal Nilangekar
  • Runner Up:  Jason Liem
  • 3rd Place: Kedar Jambhekar
  • 4th Place:  Montadar Al-Muhana



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Sunday May 5, The AITTA league "C" team tournament was held at the Duran Youth Center in Sherwood, Arkansas. Congratulations to LRTTC board member Jeff Pratt and his teammate John Miller on a superb first place finish!

Concluding play for the 2012-2013 AITTA league is the "A", "B", and "C" singles tournaments. The tournament schedule is:

"B" tournament (non-sanctioned): Friday night, May 17 at 7:30pm.
"C" tournament (sanctioned): Saturday, May 18 at 9am.
"A" tournament (sanctioned): Sunday, May 19 at 1pm.

On one of the following weekends, the annual league banquet may be held. Details are forthcoming.

On the LRTTC front, the club received a fresh shipment of Nittaku 40 mm regular and premium balls. We also sold for $75 one of the gray Stiga tables that was previously donated to the club. With a commitment of a $25 donation, we only need to raise $100 more in donations to be able to pick 10 more used barriers from Austin during the weekend of June 15. If you would like to contribute to help us meet that goal, please visit our Donate page and make an investment in the club. Later this summer we will be requesting donations to allow the club to purchase at least 2 more Giant Dragon tables from Austin Table Tennis Club in mid-September.

But wait, we have more exciting news to announce.

This website has a new Lessons page which describes the fees for lessons offered by LRTTC's certified ITTF Level 1 and USATT State Level coach. Thirty minute and one hour lessons are available on Saturday mornings. To inquire by phone, call Mike at 501-291-3142 or send an email to the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Lessons may also be offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Advance arrangements will allow us to better prepare for the lessons.

LRTTC is pleased to announce regular monthly tournaments to begin on Saturday June 8 and to continue on the second Saturday of every month. We plan to mix up the tournament formats for each month and to offer cash prizes like we did for our Feb 2013 handicap tournament which generated a lot of positive feedback. Entry fees will be discounted for active LRTTC subscribers. Stay tuned for more details by email and on the website.

Lastly, the Arkansas Open is being sponsored by AITTA and takes place at University of Arkansas at Little Rock in the Donaghey Student Center on Saturday, September 21, 2013. More details and entry form will be posted here at a later date.


Saturday, April 27, 2013 - High School Tournament

It was LRTTC's honor today, April 27, 2013, to host a junior tournament for two local high schools:  Little Rock Central High School versus Pulaski Academy.

Here is a summary of the tournament contributed by one of the high school student organizers:

"The two high school teams had groups playing best of three matches to eleven points. Three players of each team were divided into "Group 1" and "Group 2". The winner of both groups determined the winning school. Pulaski Academy won the "Group 1" match-up and it was down to "Group 2" to decide whether Pulaski Academy won or a tie-break was needed. In the final matches of the tournament,  Avinash Arulmurugu, Abrar Matin and Moiz Mandani (Central High) played Dev Nair (Pulaski Academy) to determine the fate of the tournament. Dev won two of his three matches. After the arduous competition, Pulaski Academy emerged victorious with 10 overall match wins to Central High's 8."

Click "Read More" below for photos.

Read more: Saturday, April 27, 2013 - High School Tournament