Lessons at LRTTC - Individual and Group

Certified Coach

LRTTC offers lessons by Head Coach Mike Lauro and Assistant Coach William Hall.  Both coaches are certified.  Lessons are always free for players with paid LRTTC memberships!

Mike Lauro is certified by USA Table Tennis (USATT) and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).  Mike is currently the only coach in Arkansas to hold ITTF Level 2 and Para certifications from the ITTF.  He is also certified Regional level coach by USA Table Tennis (USATT).  Certification courses included a 5-day course for ITTF Level 1/Para and USATT state level coach, and a 6-day course for ITTF Level 2 and USATT regional level coach.  Mike also attend a 1-day master class on advanced table tennis techniques.  All of these courses were held at the Austin Table Tennis Club in Austin, TX.  They were conducted by Richard McAfee, an ITTF International Coaching Course Conductor, USATT National Level Coach, Author of “Table Tennis, Steps to Success”, and a member of the USATT Hall of Fame.  In addition to being a USATT club umpire, Mike also competes and coaches in USATT sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments.  A former Arkansas state junior champion, his current USATT rating is 2015.  Among active players in Arkansas, he competes consistently at the top level.

Mike attended the ITTF Level 3 Coaching Course at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado during October 11 through 20, 2014.  The course was taught by Richard McAfee.  Mike passed all of the exam components of the course and is currently working on his post-course certification requirements.

William Hall is USATT-certified club coach.  William has been involved in table tennis in Arkansas since the 1970s and has previously held the State Champion title multiple times.  His experience as a player and student of the game coupled with his desire to see table tennis grow in Arkansas and for all types of people to benefit from the sport is an asset to LRTTC's future growth.

Group Lesson Fees

LRTTC Subscribers:  Groups of 2 or more, Always FREE! (donations to club are always welcome!)

All Others:

  • 30 minutes:  Group of 2, $15 per person.  Group of 3 or more, $10 per person. 
  • Available in 30 minute increments with 2 hour maximum.

Individual Lesson Fees

LRTTC Subscribers: Free 15- or 30- minute sessions.  If tables are limited due to high player volume, we may use 15 minute lessons to accommodate lesson requests by multiple players.

All Others:  $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for 1 hour.  Advance arrangements are preferred to guarantee a lesson.  Walk-ins are welcome but lessons may be limited by resources available.

Schedule Lessons

To schedule a lesson or inquire by phone, call Mike at 501-291-3142 or send an email to the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Lessons are typically offered on Saturday mornings during regular club hours.  Lessons may also be offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights as needed.  Advance arrangements are appreciated to allow us to better prepare for the lessons.

LRTTC has a new Robo-Pong Robot

The club recently acquired a brand new table tennis robot -- Newgy Robo Pong 1040.  The robot offers the ability to practice a multitude of different shots and allows players to engage in aerobic activity.  It holds up to 200 balls, delivers topspin, backspin, left and right sidespin, and combinations of topspin-sidespin and backspin-sidespin.  (The robot will not throw out a no-spin ball, so remember to practice hitting and returning no-spin balls with a practice partner)  The oscillating feature with adjustments for narrow or wide ranges allows a player to practice against balls placed in various positions.

For a ball return system, we have a catch net and mesh container that can be used with or independently from the robot.  So if you want to practice serving and don't want to pick up the balls, serve into the catch net and the collect the balls from the container.  Or you can set up the robot and the catch net on the opposite side of the table and customize your desired workout.

Learn more about the Features and Benefits of a Newgy Robo-Pong Robot.

Table Tennis Books

Table Tennis:  Steps to Success by Richard McAfee

Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers by Larry Hodges

Get Your Game Face On: Table Tennis by Kathy Toon et al.

ITTF Advanced Coaching Manual (Level 2, 3, and High Performance) by Philipe Molodzoff

ITTF-IPTTC Level 1 Coaching Manual by ITTF

Professional Table Tennis Coaches Handbook by Larry Hodges

Table Tennis DVDs

LRTTC maintains a library of the instructional table tennis DVDs which are avialable for checkout free of charge to our 3-Star subscribers.  We started this library in January 2015, and will be regularly adding DVDs to it.  Our library currently includes the following DVDs:

1.  Beginning Table Tennis featuring Coach Christian Lillieroos and Eric Owens (2006; approx run time 65 min.)

2.  Advanced Table Tennis featuring Coach Christian Lillieroos and Eric Owens (2006; approx run time 50 min.)

3.  Textbook Table Tennis with USATT Certified National Coach Brian Pace (approx. run time 2 hrs. 8 min.)

4.  (Added Feb 13, 2015) Competition Table Tennis Training with USATT Certified National Coach Brian Pace

5.  (Added April 7, 2015) Advanced Training for Table Tennis with USATT Certified National Coach Brian Pace

Advanced Concepts Taught:

  • High Level Anticipation
  • Racket Radius
  • Reaction v. Response Systems
  • Comparing Stroke Systems
  • Charting the Table
  • Building a Sequence

6.  (Added April 7, 2015) Forehand Loop Training for Table Tennis with USATT Certified National Coach Brian Pace

Topics include:

  • Stroke Production
  • Changing Tempo
  • Changing Position
  • Implementing Footwork
  • Looping Against Short Pips
  • Game Situations
  • Random Drills

Bonus Chapter on:

  • Hooking and Fading the Loop
  • Long Distance Counter-Looping
  • Looping Against Short and Long Pips