Results have been posted at  LRTTC Monthly Tournament - February 14, 2015.

This Valentine's Day, 6 LRTTC members showed their adoration for table tennis and the club by competing in the Red Roses Round Robin team event.

3 teams squared off:

  1. Top Seed = Siva and Suresh (2440)
  2. Second Seed = Mike and Mark (2412)
  3. Third Seed = Kedar and Mohan (2365)

Teams were randomly named in honor of Valentine's Day:

Siva and Suresh: Team Snuggles Hot Stuff
Mike and Mark: Team Silly Angel Cheeks
Kedar and Mohan: Team Baby Heart Breaker

The team-versus-team format followed 2 singles, 1 doubles, 2 singles, with the teams playing a round robin.

Team Snuggles Hot Stuff emerged victorious due to Suresh "Teen Angel's" triumph over Mohan, and the team's crushing defeat of Mike and Mark in the 5th and final game of doubles.

Team Silly Angel Cheeks tried to maintain the number 2 spot but were no match for the doubles onslaught of Team Baby Heart Breaker, led by "Doubles Champion Hearthrob" Kedar, and steadied by "Me Loves the Highball!" Mohan.

Last place was convincingly confirmed by Team Silly Angel Cheeks when they ran out of cheeks to turn. On display for all to see and hear was Mark the "Chatty Cherub" and his awesome ability to utter complete phrases during points. As he pointed out "there is no kill switch on awesome." Mike "Coach Spanks-A-Lot's" adoration for optimal health was unrequited, leading him to withdraw due to injury in the match against an also suffering Siva "Hurts So Good."

It was special to be able to share the holiday with clubmates and enjoy the company of friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!