Welcome to the March 9, 2018 monthly tournament!  This is our 46th monthly tournament.

This month's tournament was a 7-player giant round robin.  The results have been processed by USATT league software and the results for this league event can be viewed here:  https://usatt.simplycompete.com/l/er/31336

Thanks to William Hall for keeping up with all the scores and filling in the match slips and round robin score sheet at today's monthly tournament at LRTTC. And thanks to the players who were able to play today to make it a really fun event. It was exciting to see Mohan finally use ALL of his shots!

Final RR Standings

  • 1st:  Mike
  • 2nd:  Kedar
  • 3rd:  Darius
  • 4th:  Charlie
  • 5th:  Mohan
  • 6th:  Olaf
  • 7th:  Mark