Welcome to the March 9, 2019 monthly tournament!  This is our third tournament of the year and our 59th monthly tournament overall!

This tournament is 14-player 2-stage round robin with 2 5-player groups and 1 4-player group in first stage.  Unlike last month where everyone advanced, this time only the top 2 from each group advanced to the final knock out stage.

Results from both stages are listed below.  The results have been processed by USATT league software and the results for this league event can be viewed here:  https://usatt.simplycompete.com/l/er/34093.  Also this is the first monthly tournament that we processed using Omnipong tournament software.  You can view the round robin and knock out results in a visually appealing report with brackets and scores:  LRTTC 59th Monthly Club Tournament - March 9, 2019 - Results.

Results - Round Robin initial stage

Group 1: 1st - Mike, 2nd - Jeff, 3rd - Nilantha, 4th - Don, 5th - Enya

Group 2:  1st - Jason, 2nd - Carlo, 3rd - Charlie, 4th - Mohan, 5th - Mark

Group 3:  1st - Kedar, 2nd - Alanis, 3rd - Manju, 4th - Pramod

Players advancing to knock out round:  Mike, Jeff, Jason, Carlo, Kedar, Alanis

Results - Knock Out stage

Quarterfinal:  Mike (bye), Jason (bye), Carlo 3-2 Kedar, Alanis 3-0 Jeff

Semifinal:  Mike 3-0 Carlo, Jason 3-1 Alanis

Final:  Mike 3-0 Jason