Monthly Tournament - Sunday July 13, 2014 - Doubles Format in Sherwood

Updated with Results:

Congratulations to the doubles champion team of Don Jackson and John Falco (3558).  LRTTC's monthly tournament for this month was  doubles-only format, and Don and John came out on top.  They defeated two other teams in the round robin group.  Tom Fox and Jeff Pratt (3368) finished in second place while Mike Lauro and Mark Taylor (2606) came in third.

Next month's tournament will be on Saturday, August 9, 2014 at LRTTC's regular playing facility in Little Rock.  We return to regular play in Little Rock later this month on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 6:00 pm.

This Sunday, July 20, 2014, we will practice at the Sherwood Rec Center from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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Update with Results: Monthly Tournament - June 14, 2014

Update with Results:

Today we had 15 total entries in our June 2014 monthly tournament.  The format consisted of an initial round robin stage with 3 groups of 5 with each group using 2 tables.  The top 3 finishers in each group advanced to a 9-player single elimination.  Here are the groups in order of seeding:

  • Group A: Scott, Siva, Kedar, Mark, Megha
  • Group B: Don, William, Charlie, Pramod, Mia
  • Group C: Parimal, Mike, Shelby, Mohan, Sumera

The winners of the groups are:

  • Group A: Scott; Group B: Don; Group C: Mike

Scott, Siva, and Kedar advanced out of Group A.  Don, William and Charlie advanced out of Group B.  Parimal, Mike, and Shelby advanced, although Shelby did not play so Mohan advanced.

So, for the 9-player Single Elimination, Charlie and Mohan played for the 8th quarterfinal spot.  Charlie won 3-1 to advance.  The quarterfinals looked like this:

Quarterfinals:  Scott v. Charlie, Kedar v. William, Mike v. Parimal, and Don v. Siva.

  • Scott, Kedar, Parimal, and Don advanced to Semis:

Semifinals:  Scott v. Kedar, Parimal v. Don

  • Scott def. Kedar, 3-0.  Don def. Parimal, 3-1.

Finals:  Scott def. Don, 3-1.

  • Champion: Scott Barone
  • Runner Up: Don Jackson

Congratulations to Scott and Don!  Also, congratulations to Kedar and Parimal for advancing to semifinals.

The club took in $85 in total entries.  Club share is $25, with $60 in prize money.  Scott claimed $30 for first place and donated $10 back to club.  Don won $20 for second place.  Because Parimal and Kedar did not play for 3rd place, the club retained the $10 prize for third place.

Here is the breakdown of the financial results:

  • Total Entries:  +$85
  • Total Prizes given: -$50
  • Total Donations: +$20
  • Total Profit: +55

Photos and full tournament details are available on the full tournament webpage by clicking the "Read More" button below.

Thanks to everyone who showed up today to make the tournament a success.  We had a lot of fun and look forward to next month's tournament.

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Monthly Tournament - August 23, 2014

Update with Results and Photos:

See the Flickr Photos.

See the Completed Draw Sheets:

See the results at

Today we had 11 players start the LRTTC Monthly August 2014 tournament in 2 round robin groups, followed by single elimination draws for each group. Jeff Pratt and Charlie Brooks came in first and second, respectively, in Group 2. Mike Lauro and William Hall came in first and second, respectively, in Group 1. All players advanced to a single elimination for their group. Jeff Pratt won the single elimination for Group 2. Mike Lauro won the single elimination for Group 1.  First place in both groups won $15.  Second place in both groups won $5.  All finalists donated their money back to the club, allowing LRTTC to make $55 (total entry fees) on today's tournament.

This was the first tournament where we used Zermelo software to manage the tournament and submit results to  The results have been submitted electronically, and all participants should receive an email notifying them when the results are processed and ready for viewing.

Tanner Cook, LRTTC's newest junior subscriber, played in his first LRTTC tournament today and Chen Chen made his first visit to the club and intends to subscribe.

Thanks to all of the players who showed up today...And to those of you who keep our club going with your monetary support, LRTTC would not be here without you.

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