Tournament Report for November 16, 2013 - Monthly LRTTC Tournament

Tournament Report with Photos

For the monthly LRTTC tournament held on Saturday, November 16, 2013, we had a total of 11 players in the handicap tournament. The format included a spot by the higher rated player to the lower rated player of up to 8 points with 1 point per 100 rating points difference. Games to 11, matches best 3 out of 5.

First phase was a round robin consisting of Group A with 5 players and Group B with 6 players. The top 3 of Group A and the top 4 of Group B advanced to a 7-player single elimination bracket with positions determined by blind draw.  (See the photos below for an image of the single elimination bracket results)

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up:
Mike, winner, $25 prize.
Scott, runner-up, $20 prize.

Club took in $70 of entries. Mike donated $25 winnings back to club. Total profit from the tournament was $50.

We set up 6 tables.  One table had a small court configured so that players could use the Newgy Robo Pong 1040 robot. One table was reserved for a Sherwood league match. Four tables were used for the handicap tournament.

The club also gave away a brand new Butterfly Archfilor 2-racket case and a Butterfly rubber wiper. After everyone in attendance entered the drawing, Ms. Mia Barone drew a name, and Parimal Nilangekar won the case and wiper (see photo below). Congratulations Parimal! (Now maybe he will remember to take his racket with him when he leaves the club!...just kidding Parimal!)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this tournament a success. We are looking forward to our next tournament on Saturday, December 14, 2013.

Here are a few photos:

Photos of Tournament, Sat November 16, 2013:


October Monthly LRTTC Tournament - October 12, 2013

Update with Tournament Report:

This Saturday marked the 4th monthly table tennis tournament.  With 9 final entries, the format was a 9-player consolation bracket using the custom brackets available at 

Congratulations to Mike Lauro (LRTTC's certified coach and treasurer) for taking first place.  The top 4 places were:

  • Mike Lauro - first
  • Scott Barone - second
  • John Falco - third
  • Kedar Jambhekar - fourth

The club took in $55 in entry fees.  First and second place players donated their prize money back to the club, so the club ended up with $55 profit.

Thanks to everyone who played on Saturday, and to those who helped setup and take down.  LRTTC extends its deep appreciation for everyone's support.

Our next tournament is Saturday, November 9, 2013.  We may have a doubles tournament or a singles handicap tournament.

So that we can continue to track the results of our tournaments and players' USATT club ratings, the LRTTC website has a couple of new additions.  Under the Play menu, the "Club Ratings" link provides an explanation of the process used to maintain the ratings, as well as current player club ratings.  The other link "Club Match Results & Rating History" provides a history of results for all of our tournaments and club matches.

The results for this tournament are here:

Sorry, but we don't have any photos of the tournament yet.  However, there was some video take and we may be able to get some screenshots from the video and post them here. This page will be updated when that happens.

Click "Read More" to read the rest of this tournament's webpage.

Read more: October Monthly LRTTC Tournament - October 12, 2013

No Tournament on Saturday August 10, 2013

Update, August 15, 2013:  We did not have a tournament last Saturday, August 10, due to numerous people having scheduling conflicts.  On that day, Mike and Kedar were the only players who showed up to practice one-on-one for a couple of hours.

We are also having our monthly tournament this Saturday, August 10.

The format is still undecided, but will likely be multi-stage with an initial round robin followed by another round.  We already have the following confirmed entries:

  • Mike Lauro, $5
  • Kedar Jambhekar, $5
  • Jeff Pratt, $5
  • Jason Liem, $10
  • Zhou xi dong, $10

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