Update with Results - Monthly Tournament - Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015


Our first monthly tournament at the Jim Dailey Fitness and Aquatic Center (JDFAC) was held on Saturday, September 19, 2015.  We had 11 players signed up for Open Singles, 2 doubles teams, and 2 players who competed in a Novice Singles final.

Congratulations to all of the participants and the winners!  Thanks for the JDFAC staff for helping make it an exceptional tournament, especially Grant, Ryan, Josh, Christian, an Ms. Dunbar who did a great job of handling the front desk.

After the initial Open Singles Round Robin, players advanced to a second stage round robin for Open Singles, A Singles, and B Singles.  This format is similar to the format used at the Arkansas Open which will be held next Saturday, September 26, 2015 at UALR.  (The entry deadline for the Arkansas Open is Wednesday, September 23, 2015.  If anyone wants to enter, come to LRTTC on Tuesday night from 6:00 to 8:30 pm and I will have entry forms available that I will turn into Eugene Atha on Wednesday. Bring payment for entry and rating fee!)

Drawings for free gear were held and the winners were:  John Falco, Mickey Johnson, and Mugimane Manjanatha.  They chose from an Xiom racket case, Xiom towel, and cleaning kit.

Novice Singles

The Novice Singles was the first novice event at our monthly tournament.  The finalists were Mickey Johnson and Sam Ketcheside.  Because our new location at JDFAC brings more visibility to other fitness-minded people at the center, we are hoping to grow our novice event participation.

The Novice final match was a great competition between Mickey and Sam.  Although Sam won the match by 3 games to 0, Mickey scored 6 and 8 points in the first and third games, Sam claimed the second game by a score of 13-11.

Open Doubles

The Open Doubles final saw John Falco and Shelby Barone defeat Mike Lauro and Mark Taylor by 3 games to 1.

Open-A-B Singles Round Robin

The initial round robin of the Open Singles saw a 3-way tie in Group 2 for first place in the group.  Ben Phillips, Louis Vance, and Charlie Brooks all had 2-1 records and 5 match points.  The tie break method resulted in Charlie advancing to the Open Singles by a 1 game margin.

Matches going the distance to the 5th and final game included:

  • Ben over Louis, 11-5 in final game.
  • John over Mark, 11-7 in final game.
  • Kedar over John, 11-6 in final game.
  • Manju over Ben, 11-9 in final game.

Final Singles Results:

Open Singles
1st Place - Mike Lauro
2nd Place - Kedar Jambhekar
3rd Place - Charlie Brooks

A Singles
1st Place - John Falco
2nd Place - Mugimane Manju
3rd Place - Ben Phillips

B Singles
1st Place - Pramod Nelluri
2nd Place - Mark Taylor
3rd Place - Sam Ketcheside

Novice Singles
1st Place - Sam Ketcheside
2nd Place - Mickey Johnson

Open Doubles
1st Place - John Falco / Shelby Barone
2nd Place - Mike Lauro / Mark Taylor

Here are links to tournament draws, photos, and results:

1.  PDFs with completed draws:

2. Photos on LRTTC Google+ Page:

3.  RatingsCentral.com Summary Report and Detailed Report with Scores

See you at the Arkansas Open on September 26, 2015 and the next LRTTC monthly tournament!



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Update with Results - Monthly Tournament - June 13, 2015

Today marks LRTTC's 21st monthly tournament since June 2013.  Thanks to everyone who has participated in these events in the past, and especially to the players who made it out to the club today.  The entry fees for these tournaments helps us keep our tables clean, courts surrounded, and nets tight!  

Seven players battled in today's Open Singles Giant Round Robin with 21 matches spread out over 3 tables.  At the outset, Kedar predicted that there would be upsets.  Unfortunately, that upset was almost hauled in by Charlie over Kedar, except Kedar escaped with a win at 12-10 in the 5th and final game.  So, while you want Kedar reading your MRI, you should probably avoid any palm readings he might offer.

There was a familiar battle between Charlie and Mohan.  Mohan took an early lead to go up 2-1, but Charlie rallied to win the final 2 games in a 3-2 victory over Mohan.

Mohan found redemption in a 3-1 victory over Shelby Barone.  On paper, this was the biggest upset of the day since Shelby was rated 263 points higher than Mohan.  Although Mohan came in 6th place, this win earned him 38 rating points, which was the largest gain of the day by anyone.

Charlie's 5th place performance earned him the second highest rating point gain of the day at 35 points.

Louis Vance reeled in two 3-0 wins, but came up just short of a third victory by getting edged out 3-2 by Shelby Barone won the 4th game 16-14 and the final game 11-8.  What a close match!

The final 3 spots came down to melees between Mike, Scott, and Kedar.  Kedar pushed Scott to 5 games but in the end, Scott triumphed 11-6 in 5th game.  Mike unleashed the Long Pips of Nets and Edges on both Scott and Kedar to claim this month's top spot.

Final Places:

  • 1st:  Mike Lauro
  • 2nd: Scott Barone
  • 3rd:  Kedar Jambhekar
  • 4th:  Louis Vance
  • 5th:  Charlie Brooks
  • 6th:  Mohan Reddy
  • 7th:  Shelby Barone

The results have been recorded in Zermelo software and submitted/processed at RatingsCentral.com.

Here are links to items from today:

  1. PDF with completed draw: Open Singles Giant Round Robin
  2. Photos on LRTTC Google+ Page
  3. RatingsCentral.com Summary Report and Detailed Report with Scores



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Update with Results and Photos of LRTTC 2015 Spring Closed Giant Round Robin, May 9, 2015

Due to a last minute emergency cancellation, instead of the sanctioned event we held our regularly monthly tournament with an 8 player, 2 group round robin with the top 2 advancing to the Division A semifinals and the bottom 2 advancing to Division B semifinals.

In Division A, Jeff Pratt took 4th place, Kedar Jambhekar 3rd place, Don Jackson 2nd place, and Mike Lauro 1st place.

In Division B, Mark Taylor's emotional exhaustion led to his default to Charlie Brooks for 3rd place. Jim Miller took 1st place by defeating Mohan Ready in the final.

After the singles tournament ended, a number of players teamed up for several competitive and fun doubles matches. We also managed to get some really good group photos to commemorate the festivities of the day.

LRTTC offers congratulations and thanks to everyone who showed up today to support the club even though the sanctioned event was postponed.

Here are links to the items from today:

1.  PDFs with completed draws and results

2.  Photos on the LRTTC Google+ Page

3.  RatingsCentral.com Summary Report and Detailed Report with Scores


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Update with Results - Monthly Tournament - April 11, 2015

This Saturday's tournament was LRTTC's 19th monthly tournament since we started hosting them in June 2013. The field of 8 players participated in a giant round robin format guaranteeing 7 matches for everyone. In preparation for next month's USATT-sanctioned tournament, we set up only 4 tables in our normal space with larger than usual court sizes. The layout included full barriers around all the courts, an aisle down the middle, and plenty of seating on either side of the space.

You can view the individual player results online at RatingsCentral.com by following this link: LRTTC Monthly Tournament - April 11, 2015.

The top 3 finishers are:

  • Champion: Mike Lauro
  • Finalist:  Scott Barone
  • 3rd Place:  Kedar Jambhekar

Click the "Read More" link below to access the full write-up, an image of the final draw with scores and result, the original tournament announcement, and the final player list.

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Updated with Results - Monthly Tournament - March 21, 2015

Update with Results:

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, a band of LRTTC regulars faced off in a showdown highlighted by the club's first Handicap monthly tournament. Competitors included: Mark, Mike, Mohan, Imran, Jeff, Kedar, Siva, and Suresh.

The 8-player field was split into two groups of four players based on rating. Each group played a round robin format with each match consisting of one game to 31 points. The 31-point game format included point differential comparisons based on current USATT ratings to determine the number of points spotted by the higher rated player to the lower rated player.

Group 1: Mike, Imran, Jeff and Mark.
Group 2: Siva, Kedar, Mohan and Suresh

The top 2 finishers from each group advanced to a single elimination semifinal, while the 3rd and 4th place finishers from each group advanced to a single elimination consolation bracket.

The results from Group 1 saw the highest seed and lowest seed in the tournament advance to the next round. The results from Group 2 saw the third seed and sixth seeds advance. Even though the handicap format tends to give either player a fair chance to win the game, each group produced an “upset” with the lower rated player fending off the higher rated players. The winning numbers were 31-27: Mark (895) immobilized Imran (1711) by a score of 31-27 while Suresh (1090) stymied Siva (1782) by winning 31-27. Only two players went undefeated in the first round: Kedar and Mike.

Interestingly, both groups saw a clear winner and a 3-way tie for second place. The tie breaker came down to points scored. Mark and Mohan collected enough points to advance to the next round.

In the next round, the semifinals saw Mike hook horns with Mohan and Kedar exchange salvos with Mark. Kedar and Mike were successful in overcoming their respective deficits to reach the finals by using consistency and controlled offense. Mark started off with 21 points against Kedar, but Kedar's steady onslaught scored 31 points while Mark managed to score just 7 points. Mike faced a similar 21 point deficit against Mohan but rallied fiercely to score 31 points while holding Mohan to 6 points.

The final match showcased two of LRTTC's consistent monthly tournament performers, Mike and Kedar. The handicap point differentials required Mike to start with a 9 point deficit. Both players fought for every point in a very vocal and highly energized match. At the end of the day, Mike was able to tie the score and then slowly pull ahead for the win with a score of 31-20.

The consolation bracket consisted of a battles between Imran and Siva and Jeff and Suresh. Siva started with a 3-point deficit and Jeff faced a 15-point deficit. The lucky numbers were 31-27: both Siva and Jeff were able to wipe out the deficits and claim a win by identical scores of 31-27; Siva erased a 6-point deficit against Jeff to win the consolation bracket with a score of 31-27.

Congratulations to the winners and to all 8 players who agreed to experiment with new match format for our monthly tournament. The group of mathematically-challenged LRTTC subscribers used their collective expertise in engineering, medicine, public speaking, law, and real estate to interpret the USATT rating-based handicap point differentials to make this tournament a success. (It is unclear whether any of them had to use the calculator app on their phone.)

Because the tournament finished early at 11:00 a.m., a number of players teamed up for friendly and relaxed doubles matches. Doubles matches are always enjoyable at LRTTC. Although they present the most convenient atmosphere for friendly trash-talking, players are quick to congratulate teammates and opponents on great shots.

Absent having to exercise math skills during the tournament, everyone seemed to enjoy the day's activities.

PDF snapshots of all the draws are available here:
1. Group 1 Round Robin
2. Group 2 Round Robin
3. Winner's Semi-finals and Finals
4. Consolation Semi-finals and Finals

Our next monthly tournament is scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015. At LRTTC, we have been working hard to be able to host another USATT-sanctioned tournament, which is tentatively set for May's monthly tournament on Saturday, May 9, 2015. Stay tuned for more details on this USATT-sanctioned tournament.

Click the "Read More" button below to access the tournament webpage.

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Sanctioned Tournaments

The Arkansas Open and the Arkansas Closed are two opportunities for USATT sanctioned tournaments in Arkansas.  The Open takes place in the month of September and the Closed takes place in February.  The Closed tournament is the Arkansas State Championships and is limited to Arkansas residents.  The Open tournament has no residency requirement and is open to in-state and out-of-state players.


Information about opportunities to play in local leagues.