The club recently acquired a brand new table tennis robot -- Newgy Robo Pong 1040.  The robot offers the ability to practice a multitude of different shots and allows players to engage in aerobic activity.  It holds up to 200 balls, delivers topspin, backspin, left and right sidespin, and combinations of topspin-sidespin and backspin-sidespin.  (The robot will not throw out a no-spin ball, so remember to practice hitting and returning no-spin balls with a practice partner)  The oscillating feature with adjustments for narrow or wide ranges allows a player to practice against balls placed in various positions.

For a ball return system, we have a catch net and mesh container that can be used with or independently from the robot.  So if you want to practice serving and don't want to pick up the balls, serve into the catch net and the collect the balls from the container.  Or you can set up the robot and the catch net on the opposite side of the table and customize your desired workout.

Learn more about the Features and Benefits of a Newgy Robo-Pong Robot.